Sunday, October 20, 2013

So hot!

 my weakness! salt and vinegar chips and an icy cold ginger ale
no more room in the scrap bin! 
 2" blocks 
my storage until I can find a better box 

The vog was so thick yesterday and it was so hot - Ross and I stayed home and watched episodes from the first season of Beauty and the Beast on Netflix and snacked while trying to stay cool. We turned on all of the fans - opened up all of the windows in hope of that stray breeze finding it's way into the house   - but the heat and the bad air quality left us feeling low energy and sluggish. 

At night when it got cooler I was able to break out my scrab bin and cut out some 3" and 2" blocks. It is nice having a stash of precut blocks for when I want to play at a later time with them. I cut up a good amount - but my bin is still heaping... makes sense though since after a year of sewing I am only addressing my scrap bin now. Looking at them and the colors I have, for some reason all my scraps look like a baby quilt - which makes sense I guess because the only past projects I have had that weren't made of batik were baby quilts....

Have you ever run into this? Finding that when you sit down to organize your scrap bin, it looks like baby quilt material was flying out everywhere? =) Time for some fabric shopping I think... 

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