Monday, October 28, 2013


 The vog has finally cleared - hopefully for a while. When the weather is like that, it becomes so hard to function! To be honest I have only recently begun to get back to sewing... I have a feeling I may not be able to finish the only deadline that hasn't been checked off this month - my sister's quilt top... I made a little progress here and there - but I am finding that it is very very important to read directions. I have become so accustom to flying ahead of the directions, that I find myself having to take so much time to remedy mistakes that could have been avoided had I... yes, read the directions more clearly.... so, now my quilt top has the half hexagon in the single color on the ends - and although I thought it was sew together 12 rows - it is actually 18... I am now in the process of trying to finish this section up... ::smile:: but I am learning more and more about the process of quilting - and I am finding that I like working and creating with my hands so much... I am just learning to stop and walk away when ever it gets to be too much and I start making mistakes - I have to keep reminding myself to slow down... slow down and enjoy it....

So much of my life has been based on deadlines - school, work, - I don't want hobbies to be like that too... so although I thought that making deadlines for my quilting projects would work - (they actually really do - I just didn't factor in loosing a whole week to feeling like blah because of the vog...) I might have to readdress some of the dates that I put. ::smile:: Feels good to admit that I must say.

So what have I been filling my time with? I've been cooking more for us - mostly on the stove top I must say because I've been running from the oven... I refuse to add even more heat to an already overheated house! So although my hands are itching to bake some bread and cookies for us - I must refrain!

But that doesn't stop me from craving and wishing for the smells and tastes of fall. So I have tried to satisfy my cravings with foods that can be prepared (or prepared by someone else ::laugh::) on the stove.  Like pumpkin pancakes and syrup, and apple turnovers with a cup of decaf Irish Breakfast tea with a splash of cream... and to pair a favorite activity with those tastes of home is my kindle and my library of period romance dramas that I have neglected for oh too long. ::contented sigh:: It has been a good balance. I did manage to get on my sewing machine yesterday - that is where that strip of avacado kona cotton came from on the quilt top. Progress is being made... although it is a bit slower than my date book would like... ::smile:: With the cool trade winds back my fingers are starting to itch to be back in use... hopefully I will have more to show you soon...

Until then, Happy Sewing.


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