Tuesday, July 14, 2015

10 Things

Two weeks into my goal of posting at least three posts a week and I am already behind! But that's alright! It's a process! And I hope to get better and better. We made a trip up to Bakersfield to visit with some friends of ours and the friends that we were staying with didn't have internet access. Which was hard because we were unplugged. But it was also wonderful because we were unplugged. 

Lately I've been really into lists. We played a list game on our trip up and down.  Topics for this little game were: 

Ten things you loved eating
Ten things you were blessed by
Ten things you want to remember 
Ten things you want to forget 

So in the energy and memory of that amazing trip, I want to include this game in this space. 

The topic is: Ten things make me oh so happy right now! 

1. This age. Liam is finally able to play with little figures. The picture above is at the Natural History Museum and we stopped to discover the dinosaur figurines that were there.

2. Amber Baltic Teething Necklaces. Oh my! How this little piece of wonderfulness has made a difference! We were having such a hard time with his teething and when Ross mentioned it on Facebook, a bunch of our friends told us about it. We got ours from here if you're interested.  

3. Mama mades on this little boy. These pants have taken him on so many different adventures during this trip. How wonderful it is to watch him learn and grow in a piece of clothing that you made for that very purpose!

4. Fabric for new projects. Those two cream prints are going to be the background for this project. I am looking forward to starting it as soon as Liam's birthday corner projects are complete. I've missed embroidery so much! 

5. New DS fabric to add to the log cabin blocks I am working on for my mom's quilt. 

6. Learning to let go of project goals and just enjoy moments that you find yourself in. My mom's quilt was suppose to be finished before the end of this trip. I had to let go of that goal when I found myself getting stressed out. I was putting in a lot of hours into this and it was pulling me away from spending family time - which is the reason that we came out here in the first place! Oh how wonderful it is when we are able to let go in order to embrace something new. 

7. Stationary! Cute stationary! Oh how I have missed this! I have been taking weekly trips to Barns and Nobles and my collection of cute little notebooks is growing! Did you know that Katie Daisy art work is now available there? Wow! I am a bit slow on the scene but I am so glad I was able to get this little padfolio. 

8. This book.  I was wandering the aisles of Barns and Nobles one day and this book title caught my eye. Blogging has been such an amazing space to document my creative journey - and since having Liam, those wonderful small precious moments that I just don't want to forget. This book is wonderful because it introduces you to amazing bloggers and also gives you tips on making your blogging space even more welcoming. If you're interested in checking it out, I got mine at Barns and Nobles but you can also get it here. 

9. These colors. My dad's garden is bursting with this vibrant shade. Oh how I can't stop taking pictures of them!

10. And lastly - these feet. These little leather shoes were found at a baby trader thrift store for three dollars and oh how they have been used lately. Liam started taking steps while he was on this trip. This seems to be his rhythm. Waiting for a visit with grandma and papa in order to show off his milestones. He did the same with crawling and sitting up. And the same goes for walking. Oh this little boy of mine. How much joy you bring! This season is such a wonderful time!

Are there ten things that make you happy? I'd be so blessed if you'd share them with me.

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