Wednesday, July 22, 2015


 Oh how bittersweet it was to say goodbye to the San Diego family and come back to the Island. The last weekend that we spent together held such an amazing energy. All differences put aside - it was like everyone was on their best behavior in order to truly enjoy each other this one last time.

The entire family headed over to the San Diego Wild animal park and we got to go and take the little tram that takes you to see the large section where all of the animals are free to roam. Oh Liam's face - the way it light up when he saw those animals. His little "Oooooh - whooooaaaas". Oh be still my heart! 

San Diego got hit with a storm so by noon it was really coming down hard. We tried to go and see more of the animals - but all of the animals were seeking sanctuary from the rain, so we took our cue from nature and followed suit. 

After a brief rest, there was a cook out with every good thing to eat and then family games followed by a movie. This was my favorite day. My favorite moment of our entire vacation.  There is something so wonderful about loved ones gathering for food, and a time of togetherness that makes such lasting impressions in my mind. So much nurturing going on. Both for the body and the soul. 

This picture is one of my favorite pictures. Dad and Liam playing on the ground with his little puzzle before we left for church. Dad telling Liam the sounds of the animals and admonishing him to not throw the pieces, but to place them nicely in his basket. These two became such fast friends. As I knew they would.

And finally, while the house was asleep that last Sunday night, I finished my abc sweetie pie sampler. The last stitch went in. How apropo that it would be a safari animal seeing as how some of our favorite memories happened at the Zoo and Wild Animal Park. All of my goals for Liam's birthday corner are finished and awaiting assembly. I will always remember that his abc sampler and bear pillow were completed in San Diego - our home away from home - filled with so many loved ones. Filled with family and laughter and joy. Oh so so much joy. 

Endings - life is so full of them I want to tell my little boy. So enjoy each season as they come to you. And be joyful and bask in the love surrounded by you. For there is so so much love. And we are oh so blessed. 

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"
 ~ Mary Oliver from The Summer Day. 

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