Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A new project in the air

My mom has been requesting a quilt for her bed, her king sized bed I might highlight, and I finally picked some fabric up and started cutting.  I went to Joanns and pulled all of the DS fabrics I could find.  I just love the bright colors that Denyse Schmidt uses and I know that the cottons will be of good quality.

I first learned about Denyse Schmidt's fabrics and how beautiful they are from Chase, author of quarter inch mark,  one of my favorite bloggers. The way that Chase uses fabric is so vibrant and full of life. And that was one of mom's requirements. "I want a quilt that is happy! I don't want any sad colors in my quilt!" I think these fabric choices fit that bill - don't you?

I want to make a quilt like this one because it's familiar territory for me and a lot of fun to sew up, but I'm not sure if I have enough of a variety of fabric to really make this quilt seem special.  But we will see because I've started cutting and I am going full steam ahead with this project. I'm going to do a test block and see how the block plays out. Crossing my fingers!

And here we have it. I think we have a winner. Please excuse the wayward threads - don't know how some snuck into my picture! =) I like how playful the colors are. The feel of the block is exactly what I'm looking for. Originally I was going to put sashing like I did in my last one, but I think this quilt will look better without.

Also, I think that the composition will look better as a throw. A fun, wacky, throw quilt to watch movies with. I asked my mom if I could down size her quilt (with the promise to make her another quilt using different fabrics and a different pattern) and got the ok.

Isn't it funny how projects change so dramatically than the original ideas in our heads? Or is it just me? Am I the only one who starts off with something in mind, only to change it when the fabric and the blocks emerge? I think that it is wonderful - the way projects speak. I feel more of a crafter in those cases. Like I am merely helping to create something that is aching to be in existence. Projects can be a bit bossy at times in my opinion. =)

So with those changes in mind,  I will be pressing onwards with this project. I'm excited to see what I will find when another few blocks emerge!

Happy Sewing!


  1. Karisma, this is going to be a very happy cheerful quilt, love the play of colors and patterns, how you are mixing them together playfully! Have loads of fun :)

    1. Hi Pratima! I'm excited about this project! The colors are a lot of fun. My mom stops by the sewing station every day to see the progress. Her big smile is so encouraging!