Friday, July 24, 2015

Happy Goals

Getting back into our normal rhythm of things. Well - with a few major changes. After getting out and about so much with Liam during our vacation, I was determined to carry that good energy home with us. My goal for us is to get down to the water at least once a week (it would be wonderful to do it three times, but baby steps here, baby steps).

This morning I woke up and saw my To Do list looking at me and was determined to not let it get me down. We have been nesting all week as I tried to put things away (man how much did we actually buy on this trip!) and it was definitely time to get out of the house and into the elements. This little boy was long over due for some sensory activities.

We got down to the beach and suddenly everything just seemed so much lighter. Who cared if I'm closing two doors in my house cause I can't bear to look at the luggage stuffed in there. Who cared that today is suppose to be laundry day or that I'm suppose to be working on a Happy Birthday banner. All of those worries just seemed to get pushed aside to the background and instead wind, and sun, and sand, and sensory just took over.

You see that happy sleeping baby up there? It just makes my heart so happy knowing that I gave him an amazing experience of sensory. That we went outside and just experienced. And now, exhausted after a whole morning of play and discovery - I get to work on that To Do list, which actually doesn't seem as daunting or laborious any more. I have a load in the wash right now, and a birthday banner that is coming along. 

And yes how wonderful it is coming along. I get to sit and stitch and reflect on how this little one is changing so much. On how much he is changing me so much. At night as I sleep my mind is a whirlwind of hopes and dreams and things I want to do with him and for him. And when I wake up it is such an amazing thing to watch those dreams and hopes unfold. Little hopes and dreams. The ones that make your day brighter. Like today we are going to touch the sand. Today we will discover the grass under our toes. At lunch we will try to see if melon is something that will end up in our mouths instead of on the floor. Little goals. The ones that make life so shiny and wonderful and bright.

Motherhood. Is there any greater happy possible?


  1. I agree. Motherhood has seriously brought me an immeasurable amount of joy. And you little one is so so adorable

    1. Thank you so much! For stopping by but most of all for your sweet comment. Your words were so encouraging.