Monday, July 27, 2015

Count down

Oh there is so much going on in this little corner of ours! One week left to get everything done. It has been such enjoyable work. Hand stitching seems to be what I reach for. I love the time and reflection that I have when doing handwork. Everything slows down. The pace. The rhythm. The thoughts. It has been wonderful to just reflect on this little boy of mine. About the milestones he has reached. About how much he has grown and changed in just one year. About the little personality that is emerging. About how this heart of mine has such a hard time keeping up with him. So many thoughts swimming in my head. If I had to choose one word, one foundational word to center it all, it would be gratitude. I am so grateful that this little boy is ours. That we get to see the world through his eyes. To experience it with so much freshness, exploration, and joy.

Oh little man, I want so much for you. And I am so excited to dream and make real the traditions I have been contemplating for our family concerning celebrations. How I want it to be a day of gratitude. Of how I want it to be a day to recognize how loved you are. To celebrate you with thoughtfulness and the labor of our hands.  To manifest the celebration that I feel every day, every moment, every breath, since you came into our lives.

Seven days left! Oh how I love the crafting energy! Keep it coming!

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