Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A new tradition - handmade decorations

Lately I've been meditating on celebrations. What it means to me. What I want Liam to understand about it. Sources that have been on my reading list lately have been Amanda Soule's book The Creative Family, and a new to me blog, the stubby pencil studio blog, especially this article.  These sources have really made me stop and think about the traditions that I want for my family.  Especially about the items used in our celebrations.

Growing up, birthdays were celebrated in a very simple way. Family dinner and a few gifts. There may have been the occasional sleep over with friends, or outings to movies. But it is the time spent with my family around the table of favorite foods, and a few presents that epitomizes a happy celebrated occasion.  It was the small things - the family traditions you might say, that made it special for me. For example, when we woke up on our birthday, a few presents and cards would be on the table.  First thing in the morning. As soon as you wake up - you know that your family thought of you. Loved you. Wanted to celebrate a year of growing with you. I'd go to school with those thoughts of love in my heart and the anticipation of a family evening highlighted by a few presents.

Other than the occasional vase filled with garden cut flowers, we didn't decorate very much for our birthdays. I think that is something that I want to adopt into my own family. Nothing overly elaborate. But something festive. Bunting and garlands come to mind. A few handmade items that are associated with our family celebrations.

So with that thought racing over in my mind, and a quick search on google for "crochet garland", I settled on this pattern with a few modifications (For the smaller circles I followed her instructions and stopped at round one. For my larger circles, I stopped at round two. It was really easy to do and her instructions were very clear ).

I looked at my craft supplies, and my eyes settled on this little stash of cotton yarn (Sugar n' Cream to be exact). So during Liam's nap time, I crochet a garland to use during his birthday dinner next week. I am oh so pleased with how it turned out! Very cute indeed. It almost has on ocean feel about it - especially with that coral pink.

Does your family have traditions during special celebratory times? I would love to hear about them! Happy Crafting everyone!

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