Thursday, July 23, 2015

San Diego Sewing Reflection

Looking back on the pictures from our trip, so many pictures of fabric and sewing projects stare back at me from the screen. Oh what a glorious amount of sewing was done! And stitching in the quiet hours at night or in the early morning - so much time for reflection and appreciation on where we were and what we were experiencing. 

The picture above was taken during a late night of sewing little adventure pants (quick change trousers) for my baby boy. I wish I had captured this space in better lighting, but I am truly glad to have captured this space in at least one picture. 

My dad had moved around furniture in preparation of us coming so that I could have my own little sewing space to create. My dad's thoughtfulness never ceases to move me. So I took advantage of his rearrangement and worked this corner - and I mean worked it

Looking at the collage of projects completed or started, it makes me so happy to have worked on them in San Diego with the family around. Those items will always carry those memories. Finding fabric with my dad for mom's quilt. My mom standing over me as I put the blocks next to each other and saying, "oh that's nice Karis".  Stitching on the little abc sampler  and my dad coming to check on each new emerging letter. And Liam's little bear pillow. How Ross broke it in for Liam during a family movie that we were all watching together. Isn't it funny - how objects hold such memory. How there are memories attached to handmade items. How they take us back to a time and moment made during their creation. Amazing! This gift that we not only give to our loved ones, but that we give to ourselves.

 And I must not forget Liam's quick change trousers. Liam went everywhere in his little trousers! How wonderful it was to see him experiencing life with loved ones in his mama made pants! I cherish each little stain his adventures have left on him. From BBQs, to grass and leaf exploration, visiting with friends over tea, to adventures in the garden with Papa. Oh these little pants have been on adventures with him! And that is the best kind of sewing in my opinion! 

So we are back home on the Island right now, and I have been busy trying to keep my hands busy, because when there is time to stop and think about the family we left in San Diego, it makes my heart hurt. So I am keeping my attention focused on finishing up one out of two projects left for Liam's birthday. And oh how exciting it is! Things are really coming together, and I can't wait to celebrate this little boy's first journey around the sun.  

Aloha and Happy Thursday everyone! 


  1. Karisma, you have a gift for words, you express your thoughts and feelings so sweetly like a sugar candy! You must be missing your family in San diego so badly, I hope these precious memories smooth over your heart ache and make you smile!

    1. Oh Pratima... being away is so hard. But being able to reflect on the joy that was had here in this space has been such a blessing. Thank you so much for stopping by. Your words have encouraged my heart and I appreciate you so much.