Thursday, July 30, 2015

What quilts are used for

We live on an island. On a tropical island. How does my love for quilts to snuggle under fit that picture? I thought I'd take a break from all of the birthday crafting pictures to speak on that topic. And also - to share a wonderful quilt that was gifted to Liam by a very dear friend (almost like a little sister to me) that lives on Oahu. 

This friend was actually the one who got me started on my whole quilting journey (but that is another story for another post). She has actually gifted me a quilt during three large changes in my life, and she never ceases to humble me with her creativity and love for others. 

But I digress. On to quilt usage in this little tropical corner of mine. 

In my mind this is the reason for a quilt. To snuggle under. To nap. To dream. To be wrapped up in the thoughts and well wishes of the maker of said quilt.

I mean, how can there be anything greater than this for the life of a quilt? Looking at that picture makes me want to jump into it Marry Poppins style and take a nap with that little guy.

But for some reason, he just doesn't like being covered. He can feel it, even when he is sleeping very deeply and soundly. So kick, kick, kick, go his little feet.  Even though there are trade winds blowing into the house and in my opinion, the perfect temperature to use a quilt, off it went!

So usually, quilts for this little boy end up being used in this way. A vehicle for a rug picnic for his morning snack. He loves being able to eat. I love watching a quilt be used. Over all - it's a win win situation. 


  1. Cute baby!! Cute quilt! Quilt snuggles are the absolute best!! :)

    1. Thank you for stopping by Barbara! I have to admit, quilt snuggles are hard to beat!