Friday, July 24, 2015

In the kitchen: Feeling like home again

Coming home to the islands - oh how blessed we are to have our own space. A home of our own in order to grow and laugh and love. I have to admit though, that there is always a bit of disconnect for me upon crossing the threshold into our home here on the island. San Diego and all of the family still feels like home - and always will be since that is where so much of our beloved family is. 

I must confess that living on the island hasn't always been paradise for me. I grow so homesick for things and people familiar that it is almost physically painful. There have been tears shed on my part every day since we got back because of how acutely I miss the family. It's just so wonderful to be near people who get you. Who understand how you are inside and out. Who do things so similar to you it was like you did it yourself. Who understand every back story because they were there with you - experiencing it along side of you. 

But certain things have helped feel like this space in this beautiful Island belong to me. Are apart of me. And this centering - this grounding feeling all comes from the kitchen. Where the placemats and coasters and potholders that I sewed and crochet to use with my loved ones are. Where ingredients that I shopped for and herbs that I grew are in my fridge and garden and ready to use to create something nourishing for my family. In the kitchen. This is where I feel at home. Creating meals that will convey how much I love my family. How much love we all carry for those loved ones here and far away. 

Eating together. Growing together. Healing together. Oh how so much of it revolves around the hearth of the kitchen and how so much living is experienced at the kitchen table.  Our first dinner that I prepared was a simple one. Chicken breast, broccoli, quinoa and beets. Simple and nourishing.  After preparing this food, I feel better. I feel centered. I feel home. 

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