Friday, August 21, 2015


"Hope" is the thing with feathers  
that perches in the soul 
and sings the tune without the words  
and never stops at all 

And sweetest in the Gale is heard 
and sore must be the storm 
that could abash the little bird 
that kept so many warm 

I've heard it in the chillest land 
and on the strangest sea 
yet, never in extremity, 
it asked a crumb of Me. 

~ Emily Dickinson 

Isn't that poem just lovely? I love the thought of hope being a bird and taking flight. Sometimes a little hope is just what we need. That things will start to get into a rhythm again. That with the sun comes the rain but then the sun again.  After a two week break from our beach mornings, Liam and I packed our one bag and blanket and headed down to one of our two spots. And oh what a morning it was. All of our favorite feathered friends came out to play. 

Isn't it funny how having a child has the ability to in a sense rewrite you? I would have never pegged myself as a naturalist. To be honest, I tend to not really look and observe. Feel. That is what I do best. Sensory. When going to the beach it use to be about the sand and the water and the sun. Oh the sun. Hours upon hours of lying on a towel and letting the sun just burn away the cares and stresses that life can bring. Yes please! But lately things have been changing. Watching a little one gives little time for closing ones eyes and letting the sun melt oneself into the sand. But observing? Oh Yes! There is so much time to observe the surroundings. To observe the rocks and the sand and the treasures we find at the beach. Today's said treasures came in the feathered variety. Oh those birds.  I bought a pocket guidebook a while back of the animals here on this island of ours because I wanted to be able to point things out to Liam and tell him their names. To help him notice. All of the beauty around us. And of the splendor we live in. And because I am a kinesthetic learner, I started a journal with both word and sketches of all the things I am learning about our little corner in the world. By drawing what I see, it has helped me so much in filing these tidbits of information into my longterm memory.  And I am excited for the day when Liam and I are able to start a little journal of his own. 

Hope and feathers indeed. 


  1. Hi Karisma! Love this post and your thoughtful words :) So good to see the familiar zebra dove, northern cardinal, house sparrow, myna bird - and turkeys??!!!! Wow, we never had turkeys on Maui, that I saw anyway! I miss the red-crested (Brazillian) cardinals so much - do you have them on the Big Island, too? Also we had the grey francolins - yikes! Their calls were like fingernails on the chalkboard in the mornings ;) We taught the keiki at the Preschool the names of all the birds around the school. I bought the Audubon guidebook "Hawaii's Birds" and another book at Barnes and Noble for the Preschool, Also the book "What Bit Me?" since bug bites were all too common, and as a heads up on what kinds of bugs and spiders to avoid. Liam is so totally blessed to have you as his mommy - love his sweet little face!! Blessings to you today! Hugs, Ann

    1. Oh my goodness Ann! Thank you so much for this book reference. I am going to put them in my cart on Amazon. You are such a well of knowledge! I don't know about the red-crested cardinals - the one that I posted, the northern cardinal is what my little pocket guide said. From your list I know the myna bird, turkey, and northern cardinal. ::Laugh:: I still have much to learn! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit! Have a wonderful weekend! Aloha!

  2. I love this poem. My sister read it at our wedding and she gave me a little necklace with a bird on it. You and your little boy live in such a magical place---Big Island is my husband and my favorite place apart from home. how wonderful that he is helping you see it with new eyes! You get to join in his incredibly journey of discovery. Liam is absolutely adorable. I love the look of intensity on his little face! So many gears turning in the background. :)

    1. Hello Genevieve! Yes I must agree. Big Island is indeed a magical place. It is just so alive! That poem is so beautiful. It is one of my favorites right now. What a beautiful verse to be read at your wedding. And what a wonderful little keepsake! I have to agree about the gears. Do you ever wonder what babies are thinking? I do. All the time. He is speaking in sounds that sound so much like language now a days. His words are wanting to come. Soon. Soon I think. And then that changes everything again doesn't it? ::smile:: Have a wonderful day Genevieve and thank you so much for your lovely comment. Aloha.