Wednesday, August 19, 2015

First art

I have been waiting for this. Waiting patiently for the day when this would first come. Liam's first art piece. It won't be winning any prizes or be worth much in terms of monetary value... but oh my, it is valuable. To me, it means so much. It's the beginning of a certain dream I have for him concerning his childhood and art. It's the beginning of sharing with him the wonders of creating. I know it doesn't look like much, but it holds a lot of hope and dreams for this little mama. This my friends is the first thing that Liam painted on his own. Like, really painted on his own. Without my assistance. He understood the concept - touch paint with his hands, and then touch the paper. And for three glorious minutes, art was created.

Liam attends a preschool two days a week for two hours. It is a type of preschool where I go with him, and interact with him at various centers. They always have art. Several types of art actually. From collage making, to coloring, stamp working, or yes, even painting. So lately I have been trying to work with Liam at those crafting stations. I think it is time. Time to introduce art supplies slowly to this little one. And slowly, he is grasping the concepts.

So it is time to start putting money aside for supplies and to begin creating an art basket for him, and I am really inspired by this post on what to put in his basket. And inspiration to keep doing art with him? This post has always gotten me really excited for when Liam would be ready to start making art.

And do you want to know what a sentimental ninny I am? Liam just happened to be wearing his mama made pants the day that we did this painting. He was wearing more of the paint I think then he was getting on the paper. I threw them in the wash right when we got home. But a few souvenir stains remain. And you want to know what? I'm cool with it. Because those stains show a whole day of fun and discovery and first experiences. And I am so blessed that he was able to experience them in an article of clothing that was made for him with love.

So what shall we create next? The possibilities are endless!


  1. Sentimental ninniness certifies that you are a 100% Best Ever Mommy!! Yay for little Liam!! May his little growing mind and body be filled with joy and blessings always!! Love, Ann

    1. Ann thank you so much! You are so kind! Have a wonderful day!