Monday, August 17, 2015

In the Kitchen


Hurricane and tropical storm season is still going strong in our little corner of the world. So much time has been spent indoors due to the rain and humidity and the heat and the overall general icky feeling. So surprisingly,  much of the creating energy has been spent in the kitchen. Have you heard about Alicia Paulson's blog posiegetscosy? It is one of my favorite reads, and recently she liked a recipe for a magic custard cake  and oh my it is magic indeed! If you're a fan of custard then I really do recommend it. Creamy tomato pasta, a recipe found in this book , made an appearance for lunch. Tuna salad on crackers has also been a favorite snack/breakfast/lunch during the week. And other yummies have made it to the table that were just too scrumptious to stop and take pictures of.  With the heat on top of large changes in scheduling and work for both Ross and I, we have been so wiped out. We have been turning to our favorite type of evening comfort:  carpet picnics and comfort food. As soon as that baby's head hits the pillow we are both stumbling over ourselves to set the food on the tray and turn on the apple tv. It's almost like there is a collective sigh with that first bite as we lean back and watch the beginning credits flash across the scene. We are currently obsessed with Flash, season one. He likes horror which I can't do, and I love BBC period dramas which he can't do, but a good Marvel or DC super hero story? Yes please.  Good food, a good show, and my best friend. Good times. 

I have been trying to continue to give Liam his sensory activity in the afternoons, and this week it was play dough. Using a recipe given to us from his pre-school, I added a few drops of orange peel essential oil, and it was quite nice. For next time, I am looking forward to making natural dye (it just isn't in the budget right now to buy food coloring) from here.   My eye is on the bright yellow using turmeric. 

Since I have been in the kitchen more, Liam has felt a need to be in the kitchen as well. Pulling pots and everything else out of their places seem to be his main focus. I was really trying to teach him how to stay out of certain areas, like the cabinet where we keep the pots and pans. But his curiosity is just so strong. So that battle I gave up as lost. And I was so glad that I did. One day, I stopped my flurry of activity to watch him, and that little boy of mine had learned all by himself how to put the lid on, how to take it off, and how to put it on again. He was so engrossed in his "work", that his attention was focused for a few good minutes. Often times I think that I am sorely responsible for his education and well being  - but at this stage that isn't alway the case. He is starting to use his surroundings to teach himself. Sometimes all he needs me to do is to leave him alone and witness. And witness I am so glad to do. I am learning so much from this little person. My oh my what a wonderful balance of teacher and student we both play. 

What have you been doing in your kitchen this week? 


  1. It looks as though Liam has been enjoying his kitchen time with you a lot! I like the idea of scenting the playdough to make it smell nice. Hope you are enjoying your TV evenings! xx

  2. Love him standing on the tray, LOL! And your comments of our being teachers and students along with our keiki is so true - what a strong urge to learn and grow God has put in our little ones. Blessings!! Ann