Monday, August 3, 2015

One Year Changes

How is it possible, that a small change like a hair cut, can make a baby into a little boy? Oh my heart. Yesterday Liam had his first year hair cut. I will spear you the mama sentimentality. I could talk about how he was bald for the first three months of his life. Or that he use to have these little wisps of hair that grew on the sides of his head and we use to call them 'wings'. Or that when I look at him I still can't believe he was that little baby that we brought home from the hospital right before a tropical storm hit the island. No. Instead I will show you the first picture that I snapped of his little reading nook.

Oh this little corner. I set it up for him late into the night. And it is waiting patiently for him as he sleeps. Waiting for him to wake up and discover this new space. A space just for him. A place to read - or more likely throw the pillows around, try to take the frame off of the wall, and move his chair around like a push toy. But in my mind it is a place for him to look through his books. For us to read together. For us to impress upon him the wonders that reading can do. The worlds that it can open up.  Oh how much I want for you my sweet sweet boy.

Thank you everybody for sharing this journey with us. I hear him now, his little waking sounds. It's time for him to discover. To find. And I am waiting with my camera. To document this memory of him turning one.

Aloha and Happy Monday friends!


  1. What a sweet and deep heart you have for your little boy!! I think when we have children to care for our hearts just swell with great and unselfish and happy things to prepare and give to them - thank you for your perfect words as you shared your heart in this post!! BTW, he is SO handsome :) Aloha nui loa, Ann

    1. Mahalo Ann! You said it perfectly. The caring of children just makes the heart expand. Thank you for your kind words. You are so encouraging. I told myself I'd stay away from the computer for his birthday, but I just couldn't help but pop in during my lunch and his nap time - and I'm so glad I did, because your sweet words were waiting for me here. Have a wonderful Monday. Aloha.

  2. Happy 1st Birthday to Liam all the way from Queensland, Australia! And congratulations to you and Ross for reaching this special milestone as parents. Well done! Best wishes for many more happy years together. Love the reading corner you have created for Liam. I'm sure this corner and your handmade items will inspire many happy moments and discoveries. Kelly xo