Thursday, August 13, 2015

Music in our home

I've been thinking a lot about creativity in our home lately - and I realized that I haven't shared about music in our family.  Music is such an important part in our lives. It is my therapy, my monetary contribution to the family, and joy bringer on a daily basis. I studied piano competitively for ten years when I was a child and learned guitar as my fun just to make music instrument. At the time I wouldn't have thought that piano would be a way to contribute to my family - but it has and for that I am so grateful.

I started teaching piano to a few church children and family members a few years back, and it has blossomed into thirteen students on roll now. It is so wonderful to be able to hear music and to work with it on a daily basis. Most importantly, it is wonderful to be able to help support this little family of mine while staying home with Liam. I love the Bastin series for curriculum. My teacher used these books and I like the way that they are organized. I use the Piano as well as the Theory books.  Supplemented with classical pieces and popular music, it has worked out so nicely

Music is such a wonderful way of connection and emotion - I really wanted to impart my love of it to Liam. So a little corner was set up for him by the piano so that he can discover and make music. Whenever he shows an interest, I usually follow him and start playing with another instrument and we have ourselves a nice little jam session.

We have so much fun, him and I. There are always songs being sung. Our rhythm is to wake up and do scripture reading with him and then he gets two scripture songs. After a bit of independent play time, we usually do singing with the guitar and then reading. Right Liam's favorite song is slippery fish. I'm learning that hand movements are so important at this stage. He has been trying to imitate some of the movements. It is so interesting to see his learning process!

  Instruments that he has access too are his bongo drums, a triangle, a clacker, a recorder, maracas, a tambourine, and a little child size pair of cymbals. What I love about having this station out for him is that whenever we have cousins or friends come over, it is a favorite spot for the kids to play in. Everyone grabs an instrument and just starts making music. Most times the adults join in too.

Learning and play stations are becoming very important to me. Our home is starting to change so much. Just as our little boy is changing. Just as our family is growing and changing. It is so wonderful to see how our spaces evolve to meet our needs. And I am so grateful for this space that allows me to capture these changes and share them with you. For we aren't always going to be in this season of life. And that is why it is so wonderful to be able to take a moment to savor them and reflect on them as I document them here.

Happy Thursday everybody!


  1. How wonderful that you are so talented musically and teach piano - what a fabulous environment for Liam!! We taught the children scripture songs at the Preschool and they all had hand motions to go with them, too. I also used a signing book for children to educate myself a bit and added those signs as part of the motions. Really miss song time on the Red Rug! Slippery Fish - so funny! Hugs, Ann

    1. Aww thank you Ann! Hand motions are so important, I am learning, for children. What a clever idea! A signing book. Often times I have to make up my own to certain songs. I might have to look into getting one of those.