Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The after glow

Oh this first celebration was a wonderful day. Liam was surrounded by love. So much love. I'm sitting here, long after my little boy is asleep, going through the pictures and really trying to soak everything in. How fast celebrations like this go.  I hope that it made an impression on him. I know that it did on me. The importance of family. The importance of sharing special occasions together. Of marking milestones with thought and love.

Tomorrow I will work on a post that really captures how wonderful his first year celebration was. But for now, I'd just love to keep these precious memories close. And this little big boy of mine closer.

Good night everybody.


  1. Love is so full and rich, it just has to keep going and growing forever, doesn't it? It's just transcends our ability to hold it, like the air - but it's who we were meant to be. Best wishes sweetie. Hugs, Ann

  2. Love is so rich and full. It is so amazing the way that the heart expands. I love that - love is who we are meant to be. Beautiful.