Friday, October 23, 2015

A long awaited finish

This little Hawaiian quilting cushion has been a journey, I tell you.  What started off to be a second year anniversary present for Ross and I, found its way into our home on our third year. Liam was born August of last year, and we were married in September, so of course Liam being that wonderfully sweet baby distraction that he was took my focus off of this project.  Understandably of course. Something though this year made me pick it up again, and stitch by stitch, slowly this cushion took shape.  

I love the history of Hawaiian quilting.  How detailed it is.  How traditionally Hawaiian quilting is primarily two solid colors. Cutting up whole pieces of fabric only to sew them up again didn't make any sense to Hawaiians.  And honestly, because of this project, sometimes I think that they had it right.  My attitude towards quilting has changed since I started garment sewing.  But that is a thought for another post entirely.  Anyways. Back to Hawaiian quilting. Do you know how to cut out a snow flake?  Remember doing that in school? How you take a circular piece of paper and fold it in half and then fold it again and again and then cut a design? That method, brought over by the mission schools was what influenced the method used in Hawaiian quilting.  Beautiful, that piece of history.   Another bit of Hawaiian quilting trivia that I find so fascinating is that the reason for Hawaiian quilting being so intricate was because due to the all year round warm weather, they weren't in any rush to finish their quilts for the intended purpose of keeping warm. Quilting in essence, became more about a sense of beauty. To connect with nature.  To see the patterns in wildlife, or flower, or leaf and manifest them in fabric.  To see the ocean in the echo stitch around the pattern, in how it ripples and ripples and ripples but is ultimately all connected.  It has been wonderful to create this project.  To feel connected to this place and these people in this way.  

Our little stash of handmade cushions for lounging in the living room is growing.  They are each so different. Each expressing and reminding of a time and purpose for when they were made and brought out to use and enjoy in our evening lounging or playing.  So much heart goes into these handmades.  So much heart goes into making a house a home.  A place to laugh, connect, rest, and live.  And life is so sweet in this season.  With a growing boy that brings the sunshine, a best friend to hold my hand and share our day to day happenings with, what more can I ask for? A new and needed cushion for the room that we do the most interaction in? Check check. Now what else does this little family of mine need? Hmmmm......

Happy Friday everybody.  Linking up to Finish it Friday with Crazy Mom Quilts.



  1. Congratulations on such a special finish Karisma! Your growing pile of beautiful handmade cushions will be an ongoing reminder of love and comfort. And I absolutely loved your line about so much heart going into making a house a home... so so true :) Kelly

    1. Thank you so much Kelly! Cushions are so nice for lounging! And the fact that they are homemade is such a wonderful touch. Have a wonderful week!