Thursday, October 29, 2015

My spot

I asked Ross to shoot this picture of me last week so that I could remember.  My spot.  Where you can find me doing most anything that requires sitting.  Sewing, reading, eating.  All of my handwork is done here.  It is the perfect space.  The right grants me a view of the ocean. Straight ahead is the futon where Liam takes his naps.  I love those moments when he sits up while blinking the sleep from his eyes, and then they focus on me, sitting here.  Always here.  Usually stitching with a cup of something that use to be warm.

He likes to play where I am. Lately he sits on the ground next to me where we keep our can goods and stack them.  This is what I found this morning.  Oh my sweet little boy - no longer just a destroyer but a builder too.   There really is a time for everything is there not?

It's these little moments that are so precious to the heart, don't you think?  These moments that we want to hold close and remember.  A stitch here, a sip there. One can on top of the next.  Oh these small things that make up a moment, a day, a year, a life.  

So much sweetness.  My heart is so full. 

Blessings on this Thursday. 


  1. Lovely moments as you always share! Your quilting is gorgeous!!! xx

  2. What a beautiful spot Karisma. It must be so great to have a lovely outlook of the ocean and it is great that you can sit and relax or be productive and still be able to see the goings on of little ones. Love his little tower, very clever boy!

    1. The ocean view is my favorite, especially in the morning because we can see the sun rise from these windows. He is changing so fast Kelly, I can't keep up!