Thursday, October 15, 2015

The best kind of mornings

I love those mornings when the rhythm of the day just flows.  A bit of crafting in the morning, followed by breakfast, morning devotionals, and then art. A bit of an outing and then a nap for Liam and a bit more crafting for me.  Maybe even a page or two to read during lunch.  Somewhere in between all of that is some laundry and dishes and pick up and book reading to Liam.  But those events: mommy morning crafting, breakfast, morning devotional time, art, outing, and nap are becoming touchstones for our rhythm (with the new addition of art!).  What we want to make sure gets done during our mornings when we don't go to our Hawaiian pre-school.

Liam's play is changing again.  That little bunny of his, along with his bear are constant guests now during kitchen play.  How he is quick to get them and set them up when the quilt goes down and the camp kitchen is assembled.  How he spoons food out for them and helps to feed them.  How he gives them kisses and hugs.  Already he is able to imitate and project things that he sees in life onto an inanimate object.  How important of a reminder it is to Ross and I to be aware of the way that we are modeling behavior for him.  It really makes us think, are we being gentle? Are we being kind?

Books are also being read. By the basketful! In his little reading nook he usually has about five or six books there.  In our big chair we sit and read, over and over and over again.  I was fearful that he wouldn't like to read since he wouldn't sit still enough to finish a book.  And now, we read the same books over and over and over again.  He turns the pages to his favorite parts and points and laughs. And then we eventually reach the end of the book and my heart is always thrilled when he turns the page to the beginning of a story.  Again? Yes my darling boy.

New blocks were sewn up today for Liam's long term memory quilt.  I had made another pair of pants for Liam the other day so the scraps were cut into 2.5 by 2.5 inch squares and set aside to make nine patch blocks to be added to my slowly growing stack.  I think this is one of the most satisfying projects I have been working on.  Cutting squares from scraps of fabric used to make garments for Liam really makes me feel connected to the past. Of other women who once did the same very thing. I love that this project is a journey. How each square has a story of the day it was made and the garment fabric it came from.  I love how eventually we will have a quilt that tells this journey.  These two blocks are precious because it is a reminder of our rhythm on mornings like this. Those everyday happenings like breakfast and books and art and naps and kisses on Liam's tummy and his laughter ringing in my ears.  Oh his laughter.  That delightful sound that only babies and toddlers make.  Where his head is thrown back and he squeals with delight. Hold on my heart reminds me.  Hold on my prayers whisper as I stitch them into a nine patch block and when finished lay it aside and hold out my arms to see what the day will unfold.  Hold on....

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