Friday, October 16, 2015

Five thoughts on mama handmades

One: Fabric Interviews! 
Fabric interviews for projects are always so fun! There are so many different types of combinations and colors and feels of different fabrics.  I am learning so much about fabrics by just doing. Like, working with linen can be a bit tricky when cutting for projects.  It is a lot more stretchy than cotton.

Two: Cutting 
When cutting a fabric that has a directional print, I've learned that it is important that your fabric not be folded in half horizontally because one of the cuts will be upside down.  That cute deer print was intended for Liam's performance pants, but I made a mistake with the cutting - lesson learned!

Three: Handsewing
My machine and I are starting to come to an understanding. I realize that when I expect my machine to sew with thick bulky seams, it doesn't like it.  It only wants to piece two layers.  For this pair of black pants, the hems were done by hand.  I think for this project I really preferred it.  There is something a bit romantic about hand stitching a garment. My imagination had so much food for thought as I sat there thinking about all of the women before me who once hand sewed garments for their loved ones. It's amazing - how a craft can tie you to generations before.  The connection and history that comes with it.

Four: Favorite Material 
Obviously, I can't stop making these pants! They come together so nicely and the back yoke of the quick change trousers just add such a nice pop of color! I think the black linen pair is the last one I will make in the 9-12 month size for Liam.  That black linen was a thrift store find.  I got yards and yards of it. It is a bit heavy in my opinion for this project.  Ross held it up and exclaimed that we would have to wait until winter time.  I'm not sure if I like pure linen for these pants, especially when it has two layers of material like this one does.  It indeed makes it very heavy.  But aren't the little birds on the back yoke too cute?  I love the way they turned out! =) I have learned that a cotton linen blend is my favorite for breathable light material. Next would be plain cotton.

Five: Joy! 
I am finding that garment sewing is very satisfying. The project comes together so quickly. So much quicker than say, a quilt. And the satisfaction that I get from watching Liam using his mama handmades in his day to day experiences is so very gratifying. It just brings so much joy to my days to see him covered in my love with a handmade garment.  I love making for this little boy of mine.

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Happy Friday everyone!



  1. Aloha back to you! Last year around this time we were getting ready to go to Maui. Aw! It's SO nice there!
    I love your hand sewn things! Isn't sewing a satisfying endeavor. I love it and I don't do it as often as I should because there is always reading, knitting, writing, doodling, cooking, walking . . . . LOL!
    Your things are gorgeous!

  2. It brings joy to me reading this post and I have a big smile on my face right now because of your lovely words! I can tell that you get so much joy from your sewing and from making things for Liam! That is so wonderful. I like handsewing too, for much the same reasons as you say - even down to my own awkward sewing machine! Not sure whether to say that I hope the weather cools down so that the thicker trousers will be suitable or not!! Thank you for joining Five On Friday. I hope that you have a great weekend! xx

  3. What a beautiful post, your enthusiasm and love for crafting can be seen. There is nothing nicer than sewing a garment for a loved one and filling it with love. Have a great weekend.

  4. Hello Karisma. I really admire your sewing skills. I'm sure it's so much fun discovering new fabrics and what you can make out of them. Isn't it wonderful to have a hobby that you enjoy? Wishing you a wonderful weekend in your beautiful Hawaii, Pat xx