Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Broken Crayons

Art time.  I have been seriously thinking about this for a while. Like seriously thinking about it.  It is such a large desire of mine for Liam to grow in a creative environment. Modeling a creative environment, I am finding is very vital.  We still haven't found our rhythm yet when it comes to art.  I find that when I am sitting down at the kitchen table journaling, that is when he seems to be most interested in coloring.  He joins me with his art book and a few crayons, and I model by making borders for whatever I am journaling about.

I know what art time looks like in my head.  I know the space that I want art time to have. I have a list in my head of all of the special crayons and paints that I want to make for him to use during art time. So because all of those factors haven't lined up - I've been a bit uninspired to do art with him at home.  But you know what is inspiring?  That regardless of the broken crayons that I dug up from the bottom of my stationary drawer that we are using to currently color with - we still have a good time. We still create.  So many of those precious moments are passing me by because everything in life didn't match the picture in my head.  No more.  Now we will sit down and create.  Because it isn't always so much about the materials right? It's about the moment.  And I so want those precious moments with him. So here's to broken crayons and moleskin journals and creative moments in the now.  


  1. Awww, Liam looks so happy! Love that big cheeky smile!! Yes you are so right, kids don't care about 'fancy' materials, so you definitely shouldn't let that hold you back, they just love getting in there and DOING things and creating with whatever their little hands can get a hold of, don't they?! Cheers to creating with what we have and enjoying the moment, Kelly

    1. Oh Kelly, his smile totally lights up my life! We have started have a bit of draw time in the mornings. I made a rookie mistake by giving him the whole jar of crayons instead of one or two... needless to say it was more interesting to take the materials out than it was to use them. Next time... next time. Thank so much for your words of encouragement and for taking the time for a short visit here. =) I appreciate it so much!