Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Performance Pants

I shared about a story sharing and puppet show that the children of our church put together on Sunday in my last post.  Liam's first little sharing.  Oh my.  My child will be singing and hopefully holding a puppet up in front of our church...milestone!!! So what do I do? Make new pants for him of course! Anna Maria Horner's Quick Change Trousers, oh how I love this pattern found in this book.  I used a very light cotton linen blend with a cut of April Rhodes Wanderer fabric for the back.  The Wanderer line by April Rhodes is so beautiful. Neutral with just a bit of tribal.  By far my favorite mix! I planned on making a quilt for the main room out of the fat quarter bundle I ordered but I just couldn't help myself  and I stole from my project quilt stack for these pants.  And I'm glad I did because these are my favorites so far! Ross really likes them as well.  I could hear him in the back while I was driving us home from church telling Liam very seriously, "Daddy will hold the pen because if you get them on your pants your mom will kill me".  True indeed!

These aren't the best pictures of Liam and his pants, but it seems like the only two of Liam I have on my camera from that day.  Our friend is holding Liam in the second picture because I was playing the guitar for all the other kids to sing and my other friend is playing photographer  during this time because I was running around trying to get everything together. In the excitement of everything I forgot to tell her specifically to get pictures of Liam's pants.  Sigh. Oh well, that's ok! It was a great day and my little boy has new pants! Win win! =)


  1. Such cute little pants! And it looks like he had a ball in them! Definitely a win win! Congratulations on the church kids workshops you ran, must feel nice for you to get back in touch with your teaching roots. Have a great day, Kelly :)

    1. Thank you Kelly! He did have so much fun! I found a crayon mark to prove it. =) But it's alright. I love the way that my little handmade clothes carry stains of experiences for my little man. Thanks so much about the church kids workshop - it was wonderful to be able to dust off my pedagogy for learning strategies and put it towards something that is very close to my heart. Thank you for stopping by Kelly and for always being so encouraging. It really does make such a difference!