Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Joy cometh in the morning

Disclaimer:  This post is written pre-coffee finish after a hard night with a teething little boy.  I can not be fully responsible for anything I say!  This teething experience that Liam is going through ::insert exhausted exasperated sigh:: it is threatening to take me under.  Sleep deprivation... I can see why it is a form of torture! You'll say anything, or do anything to just be left alone! I often try to remind myself that it isn't about me... think of this little boy who is hurting all the time.  But it is really hard to hold that self sacrificing attitude when he tugs on my shirt to nurse.  Again?!  We just did this twenty minutes ago!!! There are almost tears.  Tears I tell you!

Lately, I have been reading a lot of Amanda's words lately.  And themes of joy, and gratitude, and being present are very prevalent.  Her words and her life of creativity are so inspiring.  It helps me to reach for my crafting when I can. To make one little stitch, to take one deep breath.  To find myself recentered and more focused for everything else that is to come. 

Lately I have been teaching myself to knit.  Like quilting, this craft has always been something that my heart has desired to learn.  For the last three years I have checked out knitting books, watched knitting podcasts, and read knitting blogs to become inspired.  And inspired I am.  And ready to start.  

I can see the appeal in this craft.  It is even slower (to me, some of you knit really really fast!) than hand sewing.  And repetitive.  In a meditative sort of way.  It is a wonderful craft to pick up during those stormy times when you have a free moment to add a stitch.  When I work on it, I can literally feel my breath changing.  Slowing.  And it's wonderful. The therapy that comes with repetitive handwork like knitting.

Yesterday I made a mistake... I'm still learning how to read patterns.  I have a whole row to fix... but that's alright.  Because fixing this mistake is teaching me so much - a parallel lesson if you might think of it that way.  I am learning patience.  Mistakes, hard days, they are all a part of the rhythm of life.  We receive the good as well as the hard.  So, breathe.  Breathe through it all and remember that joy always comes.  Wait for it... wait for it...

Linking up for the first time ever with Nicole's Keep Calm, Craft on.  A beautiful blog if you haven't already discovered it.



  1. Oh Karisma, I feel your pain, frustration and absolute exhaustion! My littlest is teething at the moment too, he has just cut through 2 molars and now 2 more smaller teeth are trying to come through too! Poor little sweetie. He is not happy at all, anytime of the day or night at these times, which makes things very hard for the whole family. You just have to get through it and yes as you said, wait for the joy/happier & easier times to come, beacsue they will come again eventually... Goodluck. Hope you get some rest today/tonight. Things always seem more bearable after some good sleep. Take care, Kelly

    1. Oh Kelly! Poor baby! Too molars... T.T Good luck to yourself as well! I gave Liam a foot massage with some lavender essential oil as well as a chamomile/lavender rub under his jawline right before bed. He slept for hour spurts instead of the twenty minute spurts... so that was a good thing! Good luck to you as well as your own baby goes through the process. Poor little people... growing up can be so hard sometimes!

  2. It will cease!! Just feels never-ending at the time. Your knitting looks great and your right mistakes are almost as important as finishing. I have learned so much from mistakes!