Thursday, October 22, 2015

A place for everything

We have a system that is working out for us during dinner clean up.  Liam helps us wipe up his high chair and then he gets a basket of toys to play with while we put food away and wash up the dishes.  I have been working with Liam on his shapes this week and it bothered me that his shapes were sharing retail space with his little animals.  I scoured the house and all of our baskets and bowls seem to be occupied.  Hmmm... how to solve this problem?  Well, make one of course! So during nap a little basket was crocheted for his little wooden shapes. The pattern was from here  and it stitched up pretty fast.  I think if I ever made it again I would use a chunkier yarn, or perhaps two strands to give it a little more body.  It is a great fit for his toy shelf and I am very pleased that his little wooden shapes now have a space of their own.   Circle, square, oval, star.  Over and over again we touch those shapes and identify them.  We usually get three receptions before Liam starts throwing them, which of course is a fun game as well.