Monday, October 26, 2015

The road we never took... until you.

Liam has brought so many firsts for us.  Has in a sense, rewritten us.  And the new story that we find ourselves in is so beautiful and bright and joyful. Living on this island for five years now, it was my first time visiting the pumpkin patch.  For years we drove past the entry on the mountain road, enjoying the brightness of the sunflower field and the ant like people wandering and enjoying their family excursions.  Never inspired or tempted were we to stop though.  

Until Liam. 

This little boy of ours has created in us such a desire for him to experience.  Nature. Life. Joy. Sense. So it was only natural that we planned a pumpkin patch excursion.  And oh how he experienced. He experienced the sights of a farm. Of touching the softness of a baby chick. Of walking in a corn maze and getting lost and the laughter that comes from such adventures.  Of walking in the pumpkin patch to find that perfect pumpkin.  To see their blossoms and various stages of growth.  Of walking away empty handed but happy because we know now that we have to research how to tell when a pumpkin is ready to be picked (city mice, both Ross and I apparently when it comes to picking produce from the vine!)  And in giving him this experience, he gave it to us.  Because if it wasn't for this little boy we would never have turned right to go down the mountain to this little country pumpkin patch of ours.  And we wouldn't have gotten lost in a corn field or seen how glorious the sky is when surrounded by the tall stalks.  We wouldn't have walked hand in hand down the road while watching him smile in delight and pick up rocks and toss them into the grass.  We wouldn't have experienced. So thank you little one.  For the richness that you add to our lives.  For the opportunities to turn right into adventures we otherwise wouldn't have taken without you.  

When we got home we were tired with a tired of having really lived that day.  A meal of meatballs and spaghetti.  A nap under a quilt.  And a heart full of love.  It was a good day.  A first experience.  A new tradition to mark that fall is here.  Even in our little tropical corner of the world... we can feel it.  



With open arms and anticipating hearts... welcome! 

Blessings on this new week.  



  1. It sounds like a wonderful way to have lived a day!! Glad that you didn't get too lost in the maze and found your way out again! xx

  2. Everything you said is so true and poignant. How many good places children take us and enrich us, all unawares to them! Blessings on his little boy head!! Love your photos of him sleeping, and smiling. Thanks for the baby booster shot this post is to me, lol.

    1. Hi Ann! =) He brings so much joy... oh my cup is so full! They really do enrich us.. so much.

  3. What a beautiful day and an awesome adventure! So true that children open up a whole new world to us, or a new perspective on the world around us anyway. Your spaghetti & meatballs look delicious too - yum yum!! Have a lovely week, Kelly

    1. Hi Kelly! Such a beautiful perspective it is! Have a wonderful week yourself! Aloha.