Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The colors of fall

Yesterday, all of my tricks came out of the bag in attempt to try and distract this little guy from the fact that razor sharp teeth are trying to cut through his tender and swollen gums.  Popsicles and ice cubes wrapped in dishcloths were eaten frequently, lavender oil foot massages, spending time cuddled in the sling, and playing with the art trunk.  I haven't brought this trunk down for him before, so it was fun to watch him discover all of its contents. 

Since Liam was born, I started collecting art supplies that we could use when he got a little bit older.  Surplus markers from when I taught at the school,  Prang watercolors from the thrift store (fifty cents a piece! Whoo hoo!) large color stamp pads gifted to us from my sister, a pack of moleskin journals, and then a few bottles of kitchen things that had gotten old to make art with: beans, pasta, lentils... thing like that.  

Liam was drawn to first the large ink pads, so I chose the colors that traditionally indicate fall, which to be honest has been a bit hard to teach him about considering that we don't have any deciduous trees with changing leaves around us, no apple orchards to visit, not a lot of the clear signs that the season is changing here.  I still haven't figured it out yet - how to teach him about fall here in the islands.  I have a few ideas about teaching him about the world and their different seasons, but I still draw a blank when it comes closer to home.  But I still have time! Which I am very grateful for!

Inspired by the pumpkin patch outing over the weekend, I did want to do a bit of traditional autumn colored art with him.  So we took all of the warm colors and made hand prints.  Liam really enjoyed discovering this new medium.  He had fun pushing down into the ink pad and looking at how the ink saturated his hands.  When I tried to encourage him to put his hands on the paper he protested a bit, so I stopped and let him be to discover.  This process is about him, I had to remind myself. Not necessarily about a finished product.

But the few handprints that we managed made me smile and this little piece went directly onto the fridge to sit for a while before eventually getting filed away.  On the back went the date, the medium, and a few notes about what it is and how he seemed to interact with the materials.  I have it in my mind to create him a yearly art book with samples of the best of his art.  I thought he would love to be able to look back when he was older to see how his art has evolved. Or to just see how much fun we had.

It is getting to that point now where he is really starting to understand.  I don't have to guide him as much.  He understands that when there is paper set with markers, or crayons, or paints, or ink pads now, that we put color to paper - and oh how he smiles as those few marks are made on that white white space.  Creating is starting to become so much fun with him.

What shall we make next I wonder....

Happy Wednesday everyone!