Friday, October 23, 2015

There is always joy

This week.  Oh this week was one of those push me to my limits kind of weeks.  I could write about the madness that a teething baby can bring, or the breaking glass that seems to have followed me day to day (seriously, I think I broke a record), or this or that... but all of that stuff isn't important.  So I'm going to focus in on the joy.  Because joy is important. And if I look hard enough from the moment to moments, it can always be found.  

A friend of mine had texted me yesterday asking if Liam and I still had our weekly beach day outings.  Even though I hadn't been in a month, I knew that an experience at our spot was just what Liam and I both needed. To get away from our home to return refreshed and with a new perspective. To touch and taste and built and tear down.  All of it, we always find at the beach.  And better yet, we would have friends.  So yes, I told my friend.  We still have beach days.  So the snacks were readied, the beach bag was packed, we picked up our friends and then we were off for an adventure.  And my my oh my what a day was had.  

There was playing and eating and building and laughing.  There was finding the perfect pit and climbing.  There was learning how to share and learning how to be gentle with our hands.  There was grown up mom talk where hearts were poured and worries listened to and empathized with.  There was connection.  With loved ones and with the beach that has always brought us healing and comfort and shelter from so many different types of storms that rage.  

And then there was rest.  For the sleeping boy who has such a hard time at night because of those teeth... oh those teeth!  And another kind of rest.  The rest that comes from making with my hands for this little boy of mine. A bit of knitting (more on that later!) while watching my sweet one, and learning to love and be gentle past the fatigue and frustration.  

Was there joy to be found today? Oh yes.  My hands are heart are both full.  I hope joy can be found where ever you all might be today. 

Blessings today everyone. 

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