Wednesday, October 16, 2013

1/2 way there!

 Oh no! A mistake! 
 Fixing it...
 Ahhhh.... much better
checking the layout - needing a border
  testing to see what it would look like on our bed - have to add the sashing to the sides and sew the two halves together... almost! 
Going cross-eyed... where I will leave you until I've rested please! 

Do you remember when you put your first big quilt top together? I started the Coming Home to Kuiipo quilt top today - in my mind I was going to be able to finish it - how hard could sashing take honestly? Well - even with everything laid out and precut - it still took me several hours to get halfway. After five hours at my machine - with my eyes crossing - I had to call it a day.

I wish I could keep going and finish today - but I'm starting to make mistakes. That usually tells me that I need to throw in the towel and be done. =)

I've been learning a lot about the process by putting this top together. It's like putting a giant patched square together. Pinning...pinning...sewing....pressing...sewing....pressing.... sewing...mistake!!!....seam ripping.... seam ripping.... sewing...pressing...sewing...pressing... done ::smile::

I'm noticing that when the process starts to become laborious - I have to stop because I am no longer loving it.... do you stop at that point or do you push through it and keep going? Well - I had to stop - still working on my quilting endurance ::smile:: So now here I find myself. Having a cup of afternoon coffee and enjoying the feeling that I put in a lot of work this morning on a project that will make our home even more special.

It feels good to nest in your home in this way huh? To use your own talent and skills to add to the happiness and beauty. What a blessing - to be able to use my hands in this way.... so for now I'm going to go and move my body... it's a bit cramped from sitting for so long. Although it is hard to walk away from my unfinished quilt top stacked on my desk - I know it will be there... waiting for me renewed and fresh and ready to fall even more in love with it.

Till next time!

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