Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Setting goals

 I am learning that I work very well with deadlines. I should know that about myself - in school I use to break up my papers and long term projects into weekly tasks. I needed to apply this same concept to my crafting.

I never had to do this when I was brand spanking new (I'm still really new, just not really really really new.) to quilting and I had one project to work on. But now that the sewing basket is building in wips, a bit of organizing is needed.

So, here is the quilting system being introduced to my To Do list system. =)

First, I made a list of all of my sewing goals in the planner that I always carry. This includes projects to finish as well as sewing techniques I want to accomplish. The above picture is of the lists in my planner. Then I put deadlines for certain goals on my monthly calendar.  (e.g. finish turtle applique for wall hanging, finish quilt top, finish place mats...) I put a sticker next to the deadline to catch my eye and make me happy because it is a fun project... and then when completed I get a sticker and a highlight! =) How great is that! =) (Can you tell I work on a rewards system lol... like an elementary school student)

Due to this sudden burst of determination to meet my deadline, I actually finished the hand applique on this block four days earlier!!! (I gave myself till friday) This is block two of a wall hanging that a friend asked me to do.  =) 

Yay! And here is the reward: since I finished early I got two star stickers!!! =) 

How do you keep yourself motivated? 


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