Sunday, October 6, 2013

Finding scrappy patchwork... the beginning.

Yesterday night I was digging around in my scrap bin and decided to start cutting up blocks to make my Niece's birthday present... I wanted to make this for her. I've never used scraps like this before so it was exciting to see fabric that I used for baby projects alongside precious bits of japanese fabric that I had ordered from online...

I didn't realize how seeing these tiny bits of fabric would affect me. Little 2 1/4 squares... glimpses of larger projects... time and love and sweat (and at times blood! ::yikes!::)  all combined into one little keepsake. I didn't realize that fabric had such an emotional connection (or is that just me?) Two of the fabrics were scraps from two baby quilts I've made (one being the first quilt I ever made), another is from a bib that I tried sewing (that never made it to it's intended recipient because I did such a horrible job on it) ... some fabric was bought on my first trip to Hilo with Ross... the red riding hood fabric I bought because I found Tasha's blog and the Japanese fabric I started buying from here because a lot of my favorite blogs were making such amazing things with it.  That whole journey full of discovery and love and memories all found in one place... a tangible item that has such limitless possibilities.  

For some reason when I'm moving them individually they don't seem to shine as much as they do when they are together in a single panel. They all look so happy together. Not kiddish at all... vibrant and full of eagerness to find rest in it's final product. 

It took me three hours to construct these little pouches. This was my first time sewing a zipper (ever!!!) I did it wrong the first time and had to rip seams over.... and over.... and over.... and over... and over... again. That's what took me so long to do. Once I figured it out the first time (after making many many many mistakes) the second one came together a lot quicker. The one in the front was my trial run (I will be keeping that because I messed up the zipper pretty bad and to be honest I couldn't imagine parting with it after spending so much time with it!) The one on the left in the back will be going to my sweet niece Naomi who will be having a birthday on Monday. I'm sad that my box won't be ready for her before then... but better late than never right?! 

Look, the inside of it has pockets... I keep imagining all of the things that she'll put in here... I hope her library card and other nicknacks will find a home here... thinking about her using it makes me so happy. 

These have been added to the work in progress pile... oh my how it has been getting bigger... my pile of sewing. It no longer fits in a single basket... it's  over flowing a lot bit... but I find it nice to have a lot few projects going in order to have variation. Keeps the creative flow constant. 

I'm so glad that I've found this new craft that allows me to create and project love into handmade things. How wonderful it is to give things that carry such love to people that I love. ::small smile:: I can't wait to do more, to learn more, and to find more as I carry on in my little corner of the world... but for now ::yawn:: I better go to sleep. There will be more time for discovery and new beginnings in the morning. 

Good night 

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