Tuesday, October 8, 2013

First day of fall break

When I went to school I didn't have a fall break - but here on the island, they do. A whole week off! Imagine the possibilities! =)

I started off with a very much needed cup of coffee... we ran out of half and half yesterday and I could feel that nervous twitch starting in my left eye... thoughts like, "what will I do tomorrow morning when I wake up? How will I wake up knowing that there is no cream for morning coffee?" So... as soon as I woke up I made a cup of herbal tea (I needed the comfort of a warm cup to wrap my fingers around) and sat and read a new blog that has me totally engrossed in her story until seven fifty-five. At seven fifty-five I was out the door and heading to our local store to get creamer. Once home I could settle down and make a cup and the world became balanced and nice again.... (horrible... don't get addicted like me!)

Ross' mom asked me to help with a fund raiser, so I spent the morning baking four apple pies. Here are a few pictures of the process, but I totally was so out of it by the time I was done that I didn't get a picture of the finished product! Don't worry though cause I will be making more pies for bible study on thursday. It's one of our friend's third year anniversary and we are celebrating it with pies, and bread, and Ross' mom is making her famous Korean chicken and potato salad... yum! I can't wait! I will post more pictures of all the yummies on thursday =) 

Once we dropped off the pies Ross and I had lunch (gotta love leftovers) and then I started cutting into a quilt that I've been wanting to make for my sister. We share the same birthday in February and I feel like I gotta hustle it! Whenever I read quilting blogs it makes me feel like these amazing ladies are popping these quilts out in the blink of an eye - and then it makes me feel like I'm the worse kind of quilting sloth - and after a little bit of a pity party - remember to look at the dates... and notice how these projects are spread apart... =) Ahhhh....balance is restored. 

Quilting blogs - man, I don't think I would have ever started sewing if not for finding quilting blogs. I was always one of those people hat wanted to learn how to quilt, but never knew how to go from wanting to trying to doing. There are some amazing ladies out there on the net. These amazing ladies, who inspire me with their beautiful photographs and words, who share their stories and their lives and take the time to put themselves out there in the virtual world - man,  how can you read and look at pictures of such beautiful work and not feel moved.... so that momentum usually sends me into a whirlwind of activity =) Creative emotion - totally contagious. =) 
Finally cutting into the Posy fabric! 

This print is one of my two favorites in this line =) 

pretty little stack ready for me =) 

So today, I set a reasonable goal - I cut the fabric needed to make the quilt top for my sister's quilt and just sat and loved on the softness of the fabric. This posy fabric is one of the first lines that I bought when I started buying fabric. It reminded me of my sister and I (minus the blond hair) when we were growing up with our books. We actually had bunnies and chickens for a while.... the colors are so beautifully peaceful and innocent and spring time. Makes me feel happy... deep down in my bones... I hope when she looks at the fabric it makes her feel happy too. I'm thinking of adding a bit of greens, blues, and yellows - just to give it a mature spin. The purples, salmon, and pinks makes me feel like it might be a bit youngish for my big sister - hopefully when I go to the fabric store they'll have something that I'm looking for.

Happy Sewing! =)

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