Monday, October 14, 2013

Fall Break

Over fall break we went into Kona three times to go shopping and go to the beach. I was finally able to get the material I need to start making the quilt top and the back for my coming home quilt. Our Kona trip included fabric shopping, and lots of wonderful food. =)
This is the third block for the wall hanging that I'm working on. Just started it! 

We found this amazing Japanese restaurant. I've been wanting to eat real Japanese for so long! 
So very happy!
Some of my fabric finds. The left two are winter fabric, but I couldn't help but get them since they looked like opihi. =) The fabric on the right - I would love to make it into the lining of a bag! =) 
I love the colors! =) 

The evenings were quiet, so I got to work on some patch work. =) I turned it into this and it is all ready to be shipped off for my friend's belated birthday present. -) 

I finished my first mug rug! =) It's a surprise for my sister to be included in the package for the kids. 

 This will be my first box to send home of almost everything being handmade! =) 
 I was playing around with sashing for the coming home quilt - Ross liked the scraps of batik to be used in the corners like this. 
 I spent a lot of last week cutting. 

 Ross took us off roading to the beach. =) 

The boys helped me find sea glass. 

This is one of my favorite pictures from that day -  an opihi shell next to Ross' net that he uses to catch fish. 

 Baked a pear pie for the first time! 

We did a lot of visiting and hosting over fall break. We watched Ross' nephews, did a couple of beach days - and had our friends over for a make your own pizza night. Everyone brought toppings to add to the topping buffet. It was fun - everyone got to roll out their own dough and make their pizzas however they wanted. =) And of course - homemade chocolate chip cookies and buffalo wings were needed to make the evening complete. =) 

I wasn't able to get everything done on my sewing list - but we did a lot of laughing, playing, and eating with loved ones. It was a really nice fall break... I'm eager to get back into routine of working and sewing again. I've been working on putting the sashing on my coming home quilt and I am so very eager to get the quilt top done! I'll write about that next! =) 

Until then, have a great week! 

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