Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sewing mishaps

Today we found ourselves babysitting. After breakfast, fall break homework, reading, and outside errands, Ross' nephews got to watch Avengers. 

Ross did this... (I love how he is using the pillow I made for the house!)

while I got to play with this... to try and turn into this
 Everything was going smoothly...
Until this...

As soon as I got to the zipper - this happened 

Oh man - that was the first time I've broken a needle- I know the more that I sew, the more I will come across this... (especially if I plan to sew zippers...). I'm trying very hard to not shake me up! 

I took a break, made some lunch for everyone (fried rice and some soup) and once everyone was settled... learned how to replace my needle and finished this...

Now it is all done and I can send it to my wonderful friend on Oahu who has been waiting patiently for her promised birthday present. =) 
 ::sigh:: now lets see if I can slip in a nap when Ross takes the boys to their basketball game. =) 

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