Tuesday, October 15, 2013

When To DO lists get waylaid

Familiar smells of fall 

My dad's handwriting 
 What I wish I could sit down and do... 
 Calling my name! "Play with me! Play with me!" 
 Where do you keep your threads? 
 Elsie - my sewing table friend. A friend brought it back for me from a visit to the churches in Nepal. 
What my hands seem to be drifting to lately

Yesterday I had all these grand plans of rushing home from work and finishing my Coming Home quilt top - (ever happened to you?) but then I realized that we needed food for the week and mail needed to be checked - all of those little daily tasks that add up to big chunks of time. (We don't even have kids yet! Can't imagine what it will be like when we do!)  I ended up spending a very much needed day in the kitchen making breakfast bread (I usually like a little sweet bread for my morning coffee - I'll sit and eat that while Ross eats a heavier protein (eggs and meat). So even though in Hawaii we don't have an autumn, I miss the smell of pumpkin treats baking... my sister was always really big on seasonal treats - and usually around this time the October smells of pumpkin, and cinnamon, and nutmeg begin to surface.  So in trying to appease the tugging of the heart strings that usually appears when I miss my family - I made things that reminded me of them.

I baked a pumpkin loaf and some muffins, and we shared the muffins with Ross' mother and some of our friends. Everyone has been really busy lately so I wanted to make something that they could grab and go before flying out the door.

I also made a dish that my family calls apritada - but here on the islands they call it pork and peas. Several years ago my dad sat down and wrote out all of the family recipes that I wanted when I moved to Hawaii. He wanted me to be able to eat the familiar things of home. So I made enough for us to take to work for a couple of days....

Since a lot of energy has been going into cooking - I haven't been able to sit at my machine. So I've been working peacefully on the dolphin block for a friend's promised wall hanging. I'm almost half way done with the needle turn applique and it's a nice feeling, because it's also on my TO DO list for this month -

Needle turn applique is one of my favorite things to do to relax. There is something soothing about sitting and stitching from beginning to end. Usually when my heart is anxious, I'll sit and do a few stitches, and something about the rhythmic movement of it calms me. Isn't it the same for you? Does sewing calm your heart as it does mine?

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