Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Walker Wall Hanging

When I was in San Diego with Ross last summer an old church friend invited us to her house for tea. It is kind of a tradition that we have had since I was a teenager and living in San Diego. D would make tea and biscuits and fruit and we would sit and visit and talk about everything and nothing. We still carry on the tradition. Every visit Ross and I make, we know it will include a visit with D and her family.

Well, this past visit, when we came over for tea, we noticed that D had done a lot of home improvement projects. She had knocked down a wall that separated a room and her living room, and now the living room was twice as big! When I asked her what she would do to decorate all of the empty space she had mentioned that she would like to have quilts on the wall so that it would warm up the house.

She asked me if I knew any body who would be willing to take on a project. Although I recently joined a Hawaiian quilt club in Waimea, I wasn't sure if any body would be willing to take this project on. Everybody is really busy preparing for crafting events that they are signed up for.

Well - she seemed so intent on having one - I told her I would do it.... although I'm still new to quilting. She got really excited when I said that and it made me happy - although my heart was racing. I am one of those personality types that wants to make everyone really happy - making people happy makes me really happy. So - although I had the Coming Home to Kuiipo  quilt on my plate - I told her yes. Yes I would be happy to do it. And truly I was.

She sent me the fabric and told me that she wanted it to be beach themed - you see in her living room she has pictures of sunsets and sand and seashells and she has seashells on her walls - so I knew just the patterns that I would use. All four of those patterns actually appear in my Coming Home to Kuiipo quilt, so I was already familiar with the needle turn applique for those blocks.

When I got the fabric, she had actually sent me a lot of fat quarters. Apparently JoAnn was having a sale on fq so she sent me a lot to choose from. The dusty sunset colors were what my eyes gravitated towards. I like the fact that they were vibrant but at the same time soft.

As I write this I am working on applique for the last block - the orange sea horse block. I hope to finish quilting this by the end of the year so that I can start hand quilting my Coming Home quilt in the new year.

Sometimes I get discouraged at how much time goes into this project - but the thought of her receiving her finished wall hanging pushes me forward and keeps my hands moving on it.

I hope my post's about the Walker Wall Hanging are clear now. Sorry I never introduced it before. =)

Well - I better close this up.

Happy Sewing!

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