Thursday, October 3, 2013

A fusion

This is my first project without a pattern or a tutorial!!!!  After much scrutiny and many ripped seams latter... I have to say the results warm my heart. =) The end result is a bit of a fusion... with the patchwork and hawaiian applique techniques that I've been practicing this past year.  

Technically I can grow so much more, but creatively I'm happy that I'm venturing outside of my comfort zone. =) 

Although my seams don't always match up, and I may miss the mark on an exact 1/4 inch seam - I LOVE patchwork!!! Nothing can beat the limitless possibilities of what fabric can do in patchwork! So many different color combinations! I'm still figuring out what colors I tend to gravitate towards... and I love anything blue or green or browns ( can you tell? hehehe) because it just makes me feel cool and calm, just like the ocean that I love so much!

Batik and I have actually gotten pretty comfortable the past year, due to the coming home quilt I've been working on... and with the colors I chose, a turtle just made sense to me. =) The turtle above is hand appliqued and quilted with an echo stitch around him... that's my hawaiian background inching through...  I had a hard time not doing an echo stitch all through out the cushion, but I wanted it to be a bit different... I ended up hand quilting some circles and curves... to play on the movement in the water. Happy little guy huh? I'm going to call him George... he looks like a George to me...

When Ross came home from work I told him to find the thing in the house that was different... it took him a few moments, but he zeroed in on the cushion eventually... =) He asked, "you did that today?" I responded with a vigorous nod... when I asked him if he liked it he responded, "I'm going to use it right now..." he positioned himself on the couch to take a nap before we had to get the house ready to host bible study, but he ended up moving to the room because my machine was making too much noise....

And it was making noise because  I was diligently working on these!!!! 6 coasters! My first ever coasters. =) I used some leftover squares and turned them into cute little coasters. =) They're backed with linen and the linen gives it an island kind of feel. =) The topstitching is a bit wonky and my corners could use some more pushing out, but I'm happy with the result. =) They're not perfect but they're very functional! And that's what's important right? =)

Ahhhh.... don't you love a day of sewing in which you actually have the energy and the motivation to sew and create and most importantly finish? (I'm comparing it of course to the days off that I have in which I do a couple of stitches here and there on a work in progress but have nothing to show at the end of the day) and now if I could enjoy this cup.... but ::sigh:: unfortunately I have to go and start vacuuming and mopping.... =) See you next time! 

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